Thursday, July 31, 2014

Oh My Goodness, I Found My Ankles!

If you don't see me often, you may not know about my ankles.  They are often quite swollen.  It is hereditary, or that is what I always tell myself.  No, my mom's ankles swell terribly as did my grandmother's.  However, I know my weight did not help the situation.  I tell Rich all the time that I would like to have a foot transplant!  In my opinion, my feet look like hippo feet!  

This morning when I woke up, they looked so small!  So much better!  So less hippoish!  If this makes me have feet that look halfway normal, then that makes everything worth it in itself.  Please though, when you see me next, don't look right at my feet, just sneak a glance.  It will be an issue for me for quite some time :0) 

Another victory is that I talked to my ever so pleasant doctor.  You know the one.  Anyway, prior to surgery I was on 5 pills a day and 36 units of insulin to combat my diabetes.  As of yesterday, the only thing I am taking is 8 units of insulin!  That won't last forever!  This was my major reason for the surgery, and it is already happening!  Praise God! 

Finally, the joys of the last two days include eating mushy food.  I had cheddar cheese and green beans for supper last night, and I am having refried black beans with cheese and also green beans for dinner tonight!  It has all gone down quite well.  I am also getting MORE than the 64 oz. of liquid in, and almost all of my protein.  By next week I think I will have that kicked too. 

My only whine is that I am BORED!  I am just not good at sitting at home.  I know....craft, draw, plan for school, read a book, watch a movie..... that is all fine.  I have plenty to do, I just want to be out and about!  I did do my walk in Target today and it felt great!  So far I am not exhausted.  We will see how late I am up tonight!  

Thank you for all of your kind words and comments.  You will never know how encouraging it is!  I am blessed beyond belief!  I feel like the blind man when Jesus gave him back his sight!  I feel unstoppable!  


  1. Love you lady and so proud of how far you have some in a short amount of time. You are an inspiration!