Monday, August 4, 2014

Is This Real Life?!

In two days, I will be two weeks out from my surgery.  It seems like decades ago, but in the same breath, it is flying by so quickly!  I feel so great, both physically and emotionally.  My general state of mind is: giddy.  It feels so wonderful to be freed from the hold that food had on me.  Some days I just don't think it is even real.

Physically, I am probably feeling too good.  I spent my weekend out and about, grocery shopping, going to a concert in the park, taking a mile-long walk, and watching Shakespeare in the park, in addition to going to church.

Today it appears that I may have overdone it a bit.  My muscles are sore, and after spending five hours at school today, I think tomorrow is going to have to be a much more relaxing day.

It is amazing to me how quickly my clothes have outgrown me!  My friend was over last week, and we had to take pictures of my jeans.  I currently have jeans that fit better, however they don't agree with my sensitive midriff.

I am thankful every day that God provided me the strength and courage to follow through with this procedure.  I am confident He will continue to grant me the gift of strength as I travel a road that I am sure has hills up ahead.  I thank all of you, also, for caring enough to read my humble posts and encourage me.  I am truly blessed!

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