Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

For starters, this is a blunt post.  Putting it all out there.  There might be info you are not interested in, so read at your own risk :0) 

Today has been a bit more of a roller coaster day.  Lots of ups and a few downs.  I will share. 

The Good
I had lovely visitors today!  Several friends came and it was so much easier to suck down the liquids when you are a bit distracted. 

I put my pants on all by myself today! 

I had my first bowel movement, which can take some people forever. 

I took two great walks. 

I have no pain. 

I got 10 oz. of a protein drink down.  20 grams of protein.  

I ate a little mashed potatoes. 

Had my first vitamin with no trouble. 

My insulin is less than half, blood sugars have been amazing, and I am not taking any of the pills I took for diabetes. 

I have had no pain meds. for over 24 hours!

The Bad 
I should have gotten in 60 grams of protein

I am struggling to get in my last 8 oz. of liquid

I woke up nauseated, but it did not last long 

Have had my first brief moment of, did I really just do this permanently?

The Ugly
The antibiotics I got in the hospital have given me a yeast infection in some pretty annoying places.  It is driving me a bit crazy!

The draining tube is completely annoying and it needs to be gone!

Because of said drainage tube I have to sleep on my back, I hate sleeping on my back.  

So there it is people, keeping it real.  The good news is The Good outnumbers The Bad and The Ugly by quite a bit.  I need to remind myself of that as I try to get down these last sips while I am so tired and just want to go to bed!  

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